Abigail Reed


BA (hons) Fine Art Painting
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

The drawings began observationally of nature, seeing the animal as ‘Other’, escapism from human existence. Throughout the process the images came back to me with new meaning. They became metaphors for parts of my life; experiencing conflict, being alone, insomnia, being a mother, an observer of beauty and brutality. This has now become an ongoing project that combines my absolute admiration for all things natural and figurative with human behaviour and experience.

Abigail graduated with a first degree from University Of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2004 and almost immediately moved to Bristol, where she has been a member of Jamaica Street Artists studios in Stokes croft for 13 years. In that time she has continuously exhibited all over the UK and divides her time between producing work in her studio and leading art workshops for the young and old. She is currently Visiting Artist at Bristol Children’s Hospital, Runs workshops at the Royal West of England Academy and various care facilities across the city.