Helen Williams


Textile Artist, Illustrator, Lover of the Natural World.

I studied Graphic Design at UCA but quickly realised I much preferred a hands on approach to creating. So I got out my scissors began amassing large quantities of fabrics and sat down and played. The result is a collection of strange owls both 3D and illustrations, with the occasional cat/beaver/rabbit/mouse/dog thrown in for good measure.

My creative process takes place at Jamaica Street Artists Studios in Bristol where I am lucky enough to have had a studio since 2010.

In the last couple of years I have also begun to use a technique called freehand machine embroidery which I am learning as I go.

I love living in Bristol, such a varied and creative city. Inspiration for my work comes from a huge variety of  sources; pop-culture, history, the natural world, celebrities, geological maps, you never know when inspiration might strike.

I find it nearly impossible to get to the end of the day without someone suggesting a new owl pun for me to create.