Jemma Grundon


BA (Hons) Fine Art
Bath Spa University

Jemma Grundon's work is inspired by our transient and ephemeral encounters and experiences; a momentary dialogue with a stranger, bubbles being blown, a shaft of sunlight bursting through the gap in the curtains. An underlying association with nature runs throughout her work, and through the use of this familiar imagery her work helps us to question and consider how we might experience, acknowledge and remember an impermanent and transient encounter.  

"The re-occurring image of the cloud in my work is a meaningful signifier of an ongoing interest in an aesthetic sensitivity towards the ephemeral. We can sometimes be fortunate enough to witness the sight of a perfectly placed cloud, suspended in the sky, only to look back and find that the vapours have dissolved into nothingness. Just as the blossom falls to the ground, and the snow melts, the quiet allure of the cloud can heighten our awareness of fragility. With this melancholic sensibility, also comes an appreciation of witnessing such a fleeting, temporal occurrence