Janie George


BA (Hons) Farnham
MA Slade School of Fine Art

Janie's work looks at the affinities in natural and human history. Like Klee she reimagines natural processes: the blossoming of minerals, petrification of flowers, layering of rocks, the life cycle of shells. Describing what comes out of the dark earth and what it takes into it self. Categories of archaeology, geology, germination, pollination are blurred and reformed.  Groups of ceramic objects represent eras of culture and the qualities of location. Terracotta might recall Etruscan art, unglazed porcelain the marble of classical Rome. Rearranged they may form a Morandi still life. Objects are placed on top of paintings. Hidden processes such as the forming of stones, the patterning of wings, the flowering of plants, chemical reactions are referred to in paintings. Ceramics offers the retrieval of stone from a natural state to reform into a previous rocky existence.

Janie’s work uses multiple processes and media but  chiefly ; drawing, ceramics, and painting. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and taken part in numerous open exhibitions. She is currently a part-time lecturer at Bristol School of Art.