Jamaica Street Studios is home to a diverse group of artists.


This diversity ensures a dynamic and exciting mix in group exhibitions, and allows artists to collaborate and share contacts across disciplines.

Please take a look at artists currently working at Jamaica Street including images, biographies and contact details.


The ‘Subsidised Studio Resident’ is our call-out for a new artist to join us and have access to a subsidised studio for six months.

It aims to offer very cheap artist space to those who do not currently have access to one and an opportunity to embed yourself amongst a community of professional visual artists at Jamaica Street Studios.

Malcolm 1.jpg

Our current resident is Kerry Lewis.

We are thrilled to be joined by Kerry. She joins us from Bristol School of Art, with a foundation degree in Fashion and Textiles.

‘Driven by a passion for craftsmanship and process, my work is defined by hand-generated techniques and the rhythm of repetition. Textiles have provided me with the platform on which to follow my own curiosity and relationship with the material world viscerally. I use sensitivity to surface to explore the idea of the 'other' and the absurd. I am fascinated by the strange sensation we often feel looking at something grotesque, repulsed, but unable to look away. 'Experimental textiles', characterizes the blurring of boundaries between art, craft and design associated with my practice.'